Nature Inspired Designing

Let’s face it, life is stressful, and we are often spending many of our waking hours trying to minimize the many adverse effects of stress. Our designs can bare significant effects on our moods and anxiety levels just as do lifestyle activities such as yoga and meditation. We simply need to go back to our roots and embrace the application of nature to create a relaxing ambience in our homes or workplaces.

Studies prove that humans’ experiences with natural environments lower instances of tension, anxiety, anger fatigue, confusion and moods opposed to experiences in urban environments with limited characteristics of nature.

Feature Walls, Fireplaces and landscapes areas that showcase natural elements such as stone, timber or water provide a primal, multi-sensory approach to our connection with nature and evoke harmony and tranquility in spaces we wish to spend our precious time in.

Aussietecture_Warrawee project with foster irregular wall cladding, felliti and silver travertine paver

So how do we do this ?

Welcome outdoors In : Embrace the use of natural elements within our homes. Stone floors, Stone benchtops, timber floors and timber shutters are just some ideas which embrace natural materials.

Introduce Natural Lighting : Natural light is key and again, researchers have proven that natural light can help reduce stress levels and encourages healthier sleep patterns. Use windows to bring in clean natural breezes or skylights to bring in lighter and avoiding the use of artificial lighting. We all know Google did just this to create more human-centric workspaces for their employees. As a result, they are more productive and deeper focused.

Introduce Earthy Colours and Textures

Stone cladding used on a feature wall or fireplace is an optimal way of introducing natural earthy colours and textures into your space. Stone Cladding comes in many colours, shapes and textures making it ideal to suit most designs and existing palettes used throughout your home. Plants are another great idea and can really add the pop of colour and a breath of fresh air, often helping to filter the air and providing a feeling of calmness and peace. Stone Walls with the addition of plants can be both stunning and effective.

Nature Inspired Designs help us connect and be at one with our homes and with nature. Our range at Aussietecture is unique and well “inspired by nature” too. We are fortunate enough to have some of the best natural resources right under our feet. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing so call us now and let us help turn your vision in to reality.

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