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The advantages of most Aqua Mix® Stone, Tile & Grout Sealers are: They’re safe water-based products that are utilizing the latest in sealer technology. Most emit low or no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), and prevent a variety of stains – both oil and water-based. Allow MVT (Moisture Vapour Transmission)

Sealer’s Choice® Gold
Penetrating Sealer
ProBlock – Pre Sealer

Why Seal?……Reaction Time

stone sealers

When a liquid is spilt on a stone, tile or grout surface that has a degree of water absorption, a stain can result almost instantly as the reaction time to clean is short to zero! Sealing these same stone, tile or grout surfaces significantly reduces the degree of water absorption increasing the reaction time to clean and remove these contaminants before a stain can occur. Good sealers have reaction times measured in minutes, protecting the surface from primarily water based contaminants. The best or premium sealers have the longest reaction time measured in hours protecting surfaces from the widest range of contaminants both water and oil based.

Sealers Reaction Time

stone sealers
stone sealers

Aqua Mix® provides an easy guide to selecting the reaction time you need. Our sealers are divided into three levels of reaction time, Standard, Good and Maximum, easily recognisable by the RT stopwatch icon.

Standard: Penetrating SealerSameDay™ Grout Sealer
Good: Pro-Solv®Grout SealerHigh-Gloss SealerStone Enhancer
Maximum: Sealer’s Choice® Gold – Rapid CureUltra-Solv®Enrich’N’Seal™Seal & Finish Low SheenGrout Colorant

Types of Stone, Tile & Grout Sealers

There are two types of sealer technology available, Penetrating/Impregnators and Coating/Surface Sealers. All sealers fall into one of these two generic categories.

Penetrating / Impregnating Sealers

Premium stone, tile & grout sealers contain higher quality active ingredients than their more economical counterparts, delivering complete coverage of the gaps in the stone to provide better stain resistance, regardless of porosity and density.

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Dense stones need smaller sealer molecules to fit into the smaller pores in the surface. Penetrating, water-based sealers offer excellent protection for stone with water as the carrier. Solvent-based sealers protect and penetrate with solvent-based carriers.

The choice between a water-based and solvent-based sealer is a matter of intended application. As long as both are premium tile & stone sealers, they will offer maximum levels of protection. Active ingredients, or solids, bond with stone and fill in the gaps, or pores, to penetrate the surface. What doesn’t penetrate the surface gets wiped away.

Coating / Surface Sealers

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Sealers that provide surface protection, chemical & stain resistance by forming a film on the surface. These are generally used for matt textured porous surfaces, such as: Terracotta, Slate and Concrete. Coating Sealers will alter the appearance, slip resistance and are generally only used internally. All of Aqua Mix Coating / Surface Sealers are safe to use water-based formulas