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We all know Covid has affected businesses world wide and that the impact is far reaching. Many businesses have had to ‘pivot’ their service or product to meet the current environment.

We have found that Covid has motivated clients to re-examine Australian sourced, crafted and delivered products. The increased costs, uncertainty of supply and delays has made Australian local stone the preferred choice.

Sandstone blocks retaining wall maded from Australian local sourced sandstone

What happens when you buy local stone?

  • The stone is from local quarries – our stone is beautiful and is perfectly suited to the Australian outdoors.
  • As an all-Australian supplier, we support the local businesses that employ more Australians. From the places we eat, to drivers, to labour and everything in between Australian made is more than just the product.
  • Sustainability is the other fantastic by product. Sourcing locally means smaller environmental footprint. The less the distance traveled from the quarry to the client the less impact on the environment – we love that.
  • Locally sourced also means better lead times. Covid has blown out already long delivery times as containers now need extra quarantine procedures and protocols. So, buying Australian means getting it a lot sooner. (better lead times -where is that on your site)
  • Covid has similarly created delivery insecurity. Suppliers are having their own covid issues that we have no control of. Going Australian removes that uncertainty.
  • Australia has high safety and quality standards which are set in law (this means they have to be followed). Our Australian stone comes with local customer support, so if you need us, we are just a phone call away.
  • Finally Australian products are great for our economy. When you buy Australian, the money you spend stays in Australia.

From the quarry to you

Aussitecture mines the stone from Australian quarries – people are often surprised we have such beautiful stone. We expertly select the stones with a devotion to our craft that’s second to none.

Your work with suburbs

Stone masons are among the world’s last true artisans and our years of experience demonstrates our commitment to continuing this legacy.

Recent advances in the stone industry’s equipment and technology have greatly improved many of our processes. In our factories we create pavers, cladding and building products and dispatch to our residential and commercial clients.

Controlling the processes reduces costs and improves efficiencies and makes Aussietecture the leading supplier of Australian local stone. Direct to where this is on eth site.

Choices Made Easy – Aussietecture®

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Colonial ranch sandstone cladding
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Ranch crazy paving sandstone
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