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​​Our Quality Control isn’t a process which we introduce after the stone is cut. We believe this is a negative approach so our quality control starts right at the beginning during the production phase where we apply our 110% quality control to every cut and along every step of the way.

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What sets us apart

From the beginning, we set out to be more than just another quality stone supplier. We set out to be a company that reinvents the use of stone in landscape design in a thoughtful and modern way. How it’s made, how its sold, how its sourced and crafted at every step.  What it gives back.

When we couldn’t find a standard that met our standards, we created a new one. Where others would offer less for more, we embodied generosity and value for money. We lead by design, always.

Who is Aussietecture​

Aussietecture® is a natural stone supplier specializing in the production and supply of high-end natural stone. We are fortunate enough to have some of the world’s best stone resources right here on our doorstep. Our factory and highly experienced stonemasons transform each stone into sustainable building products.

Aussietecture Showrooms in Sydney, Brisbane and Toowoomba showcase our complete range.

In addition to our local “Australian” range, our procurement team travels around the world in search for the highest quality products. We often find ourselves working in factories overseas perfecting products and making them more adaptable to our market. This is just another point of difference which we offer, the reason we do it is because we are passionate about what we do.

We have many years of hands on experience in quarrying and in the construction industry and this enables us to visualize each and every product we make in place. Would we like to lay it? Would we like to use it? How will it suit the application? Will it be suitable in the surroundings? Having this experience gives our customers peace of mind and is an advantage we have over just being sales people.

​We have trucks servicing Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Central Coast NSW, South Coast NSW, Sydney, Sutherland Shire, Southern Highlands, Canberra, Victoria and Adelaide. Our sandstone has been used throughout various projects around the country from small residential projects right through to larger commercial projects.

Enjoy our site and we hope you find our range inspiring!