About Us

In 2013 a bricklayer and quarry manager decided to put all their experience together and create a hub for customers to source unique natural stone products. Our vision was to simplify the process of sourcing stone and to also be different. To create and design bespoke products which are not only unique but are practical. The outcome was Aussietecture Lifestyle.

Humble beginnings

In 2010 William Pappalardo gained employment working for a local company in Central Coast NSW where he was appointed as manager. He would oversee all quarrying and factory operations and would often be at the Melbourne plant where production was at the time. Within a few years he set off on his own where he would dabble in importing natural stone products from various countries around the world and during this time also started supplying quarry blocks into China. It didn’t take long for William to become a major supplier into the Chinese market and found himself supplying projects in Beijing, Qingdao, Ningbo and Guangzhou to just name a few.

Nathan Anderson has been working heavy machinery since the age of 18. His many years of experience have taught him invaluable knowledge in stone. He was appointed the role SSE for many years and his meticulous approach to safe and proactive quarrying techniques have gained him the reputation as being a class leader in his field. Having any eye for detail, and knowledge and expertise to extract stone takes many years of experience. This will become a valuable asset for Aussietecture in the coming years.

In 2013 the two combined forces and created Aussietecture. By this time, they both had a wealth of knowledge in both sales, procurement, production, and quarrying. Today, this knowledge is the foundation of our business and is presented in our range of products and how they are presented. Aussietecture has stores in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Alexandria and Chipping Norton. These stores are kept stocked by the companies two factories in Toowoomba. One factory is responsible for all Sandstone Block work and slabbing and the other specializes in wall claddings. The company has proudly put Toowoomba on the map and now these factories are exporting local Australian stone into the international market as well with recent projects in New Zealand, France, and Abu Dabi. The last piece to the puzzle is the source of stone. Aussietecture has two quarries located in Northern NSW where it extracts its unique Australian Sandstone. Other stones which they supply are extracted from quarries where they send in their own team and heavy machinery to carefully extract the stone themselves. It’s all part of the quality control process. 

In 2022, the Brisbane store was open. They refer to this as their “Procurement Centre” The store was cleverly designed to be simple and straight to the point. It has become a hub for designers, architects and builders and public is welcome also. The centre was created to be used as an extension of our customers space and to be used as their own. A place to present products, bring in materials to be matched and a place to sit and discuss designs.  

Aussietecture today

Aussietecture has become an illustrious brand within the construction industry. Our passionate team of talented individuals are all an asset to our company and are always searching for ways to improve. Be it in the factory creating beautiful products right through to the sales team in one of our stores. Our design team take great pride in their designs, and we are always mindful of producing fresh new products and releasing them into the market. Owning our own factories and quarries provide us with the edge in service and reliability. Apart from being passionate about the stone we sell and assisting customers with turning their visions in to reality, we are extremely proud of our contribution into the local community. We support many quarries and local contractors in Australia by our demand of products and services. We are also extremely humbled and grateful for how supporting local products and services has been perceived by our customers. United, we are a talented bunch of individuals who love what we do, and we are excited to share our designs and ideas with you.