If These Walls Could Talk

Creating a stylish home can include so many different nuances. There is a look for everyone. Whether you seek country rustic, ultra-modern or industrialist Aussietecture’s range of cladding will help you achieve your look.

Whether choosing stone for either indoors or outdoors, it needs to be equally striking and functional. Natural stone wall cladding outdoors can adorn barbeque areas, water features, retaining walls, letterboxes, chimneys and garden edging.

Natural stone cladding inside is an excellent choice for fireplaces, feature walls and bathrooms. Essentially, wall cladding ideas are limited only by your imagination. Run wild with ideas and we are here to help turn your vision in to reality.

Aesthetics Texture is important when your aim is to add depth. Soft or pale colours often need texture to draw out the subtlety. Texture adds another dimension that is subtle and warm.

Large pattern is fabulous for dramatic statements. Large imposing exterior walls that showcase architectural features can capture a traditional, classic, rustic or an industrial vibe.

Contemporary looks are easily achieved by combining texture and dark moody colours. Combinations of stones are elegant and create the clean line visual.

Small pattern stone can be cottagey, whimsical or modern – depending on the colour choice. Simple and elegant small pattern stone will showcase your space beautifully.

If you are looking for a more traditional look shape can be critical. An old stone look only works if the stone is the right shape. Aussitecture has the traditional stones that will match your aesthetic.


Stone is versatile, easily accommodating uber modern, classic or country vogue. Natural stone also has a myriad of applications from fireplaces to retaining external walls its practicality is extensive.  Stone is practical around pools, loves foot traffic as it provides natural patina and showcases foliage perfectly. However, always check the stone suitability around salt or better still just ask one of the Aussietecture team for advice.

Banded colonial Australian sandstone cladding


  • comes from the earth so its inherently eco-friendly;
  • is a sustainable building material;
  • has natural character and stability;
  • is non-toxic and everlasting;
  • requires no chemicals to quarry or fabricate;
  • is easy to care for and maintain and
  • it is recyclable.

Our “Aussie Cut” wall cladding is made in Australia for Australian conditions so resilience is naturally guaranteed. A large selection of styles to choose from and pricing from $109 to $200 per square metre we have the range to suit all budgets.

Choices Made Easy – Aussietecture®

Natural stone wall cladding

Banded irregular Australian sandstone cladding
Banded Irregular
Banded colonial Natural stone wall cladding
Banded Colonial
Kirra banded sandstone cladding
Kirra Banded
Eyre irregular wall cladding stone
Eyre Irregular