Australian sandstone wall claddingsColonial Banded

Sizes & details  

  • Up to 400mm long and 250mm high
  • 30mm to 40mm thick
  • Corners – up to 400mm long on edge and up to 250mm in depths
  • Capping – Available; please ask a member of our team for more details
  • Stone type – Australian Sandstone
  • Finish – Split face and sides with a sawn back       
  • Random squares and rectangles
  • Brief description – Australian sandstone wall claddings Colonial Banded is a combination of whites, browns and beige with some slight banding throughout. Colours and Blends vary batch to batch which adds even more character to the result.


  • Walling – 96 kg/m2
  • Corners – 40 kg/lm

Packing format per crate 

  • Walling – Sold per m2
  • Corners – Sold per lm

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