Why Stone Is the Perfect Building Material for Your Home

Rustic style refers to things that are simple, unsophisticated, and associated with the countryside. When talking about a style of home, rustic style focuses on natural beauty. By any definition, stone is a building material that has a place in any rustic style home.

Add It to Your Walls or Floors

Rustic style is all about using materials and colours from nature. If your home wasn’t built in a rustic style to start with, adding stone to the floors and walls will give it the changes it needs. You can add it to your interior and/or exterior walls for an instant transformation. Stone is a longer-lasting material than wood, so your changes will probably last the lifetime of your home.

Tilpa irregular walling stone in an interior featured wall project, irregular shape, mixed granite
Aussietecture stone walls and floors with stone ware

Make Your Home Historic

Australia is a country that is rich in history. Its stone cottages are a big part of the country’s culture. For example, the Derelict Historic Stone Building in White Hills and the ruins of Kanyaka homestead in Quorn. There is also the South Australian Museum and the Art Gallery of Western Australia. Stone and rustic style are intricately intertwined in many homes and commercial buildings throughout the country!

Stone Looks Great with Wood

Rustic décor includes a variety of raw, natural materials. Not only is stone used in its most natural form, it also looks great with wood. Most rustic homes are decorated with wood furniture that often includes twigs or logs. These two materials are natural companions in every sense of the word.

residential home interior design of stone walls and floors with timber

Stone Is Timeless

One of the biggest challenges decorators have is making a new home look like an old one! Some materials need to age for years to acquire a vintage, worn appearance. Stone doesn’t. It has the same classic appearance from the start that you would expect from stone that is many years old. It’s up to you to pair it with the rest of the details to create a uniform look that takes you back in time.

It’s Perfectly Imperfect and Fireproof

A fireplace is an essential part of any rustic home; but it needs to look just as raw as the rest of the property. Irregular stone is perfect for the job. The loosely fitted stones take on the appearance of a casually crafted fireplace built without total precision.

Fireplace build with Franklin irregular stone cladding seen in a stone house
A stone fireplace and walls using Tilpa wall claddings and some furniture Exterior barbeque place

Rustic style continues to grow in popularity. Every detail matters when it comes to creating the appearance and the atmosphere that you have in mind. Contact Aussietecture for the stone you need to transform your home into a charming rustic cottage.

Banded irregular Australian sandstone cladding
Cladding Stone
Kimba Slate Crazy pave in garden landscaping project
Crazy Paving
Split blocks for garden edging
Landscaping Stone