Why Stone Is an Eco-Friendly Building Material

There’s never been a greater focus on the use of Eco-friendly building materials. One challenge manufacturers face is finding materials that meet industry standards while still being good for the environment.

Comes from the Earth

Natural stone comes from the earth and requires no synthetic processing to use in constructing buildings. Almost any part of a building can be made from stone. Interior and exterior walls, floors, pillars, fireplaces, and more can be constructed entirely of natural stone.


Unlike many of the plastic building materials made today, stone contains no chemicals or other toxic substances that are dangerous to the planet. It’s also safer to use on your floors and walls without causing health risks to you and your family.

Requires Minimal Maintenance

Interior stone surfaces can be maintained by washing occasionally with a mild cleaner. The exterior might require an occasional power wash. There’s no need for harsh chemical cleaners that leach into the environment. It also keeps looking beautiful without you having to add paint like you do with wood.

Produced through Sustainable Mining Practices

Most of the stone sold today implements new technology that reduces the amount of damage done to the environment. Modern mining techniques have a much lower impact on the landscape.


Offering builders the recyclable materials they need to be environmentally-friendly is just the first step. They must make the effort to separate them and take them to be recycled. In the end, there’s still some waste that ends up in the landfill. It isn’t like that with stone. There’s nothing to break down and separate. It’s already in its most natural state and it poses no threat to the environment, no matter where it ends up. In many cases, stone can be reclaimed or reused. Not only does this prevent adding waste to the environment; it also prevents the addition of new materials for another purpose.

Saves Energy

Stone’s density adds to the thickness of your home’s walls, making it more energy-efficient. Stone also creates fewer kilograms of CO2 per ton than many other building materials including concrete.

Long Lasting

Builders and homeowners alike appreciate the durability of stone. Once installed, it lasts for many years to come. Any material that doesn’t need to be replaced reduces the impact on the environment.


Stone is a more affordable option than you might imagine. The long-lasting durability makes it an even better value. Once you install it, it’s not likely you’ll ever have to replace it.

To learn more about your options for using stone as a building material, contact Aussietecture. We offer a range of styles and colours, with delivery available throughout Australia.

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