Timeless elegance: 5 rock-solid design ideas to infuse natural stone into your next building or renovation project 

Timeless elegance: 5 rock-solid design ideas to infuse natural stone into your next building or renovation project 

Step into a realm of unparalleled beauty and enchantment with the captivating allure of natural stone. When it comes to renovation projects, there is an undeniable charm in incorporating this ageless material. No matter what design style, uniqueness is guaranteed with these interior and exterior stone applications.  

A little bit of extra effort goes a long way. From the beginning, Aussietecture set out to be more than just another quality stone supplier. The natural stone supplier went on a mission to reinvent the use of stone in landscape design in a thoughtful and modern way, considering how it’s made, how it’s sourced and crafted, and what it gives back to the people who enjoy it.  

Aussietecture® with showrooms in Sydney, Brisbane and Toowoomba specialises in the production and supply of high-end natural stones from Australia and overseas. In the Toowoomba factory, highly experienced workers transform each stone into a sustainable building product.  

Proudly Supporting Australian Quarries 

Aussietecture proudly supports Australian quarries to ensure their stone stays in production.

“Some people support farmers, well we support local quarries.”

One advantage of using local stone is the flexibility to make custom sizes promptly. Additionally, the same stone can be used for other applications on the same project, which ensures that textures, colours and stones work well with one another around the property and do not clash.  

In addition to the Aussie cut range, the procurement team travels around the world, sourcing high-quality stones. They even work in factories overseas perfecting products and making them more adaptable to the Australian market.  

With many years of hands-on experience in quarrying and in the construction industry, Aussietecture has the ability to visualise each piece of stone in situ to achieve the best outcome for its clients.  

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Natural stone is timeless, elegant and durable 

Its timeless elegance and inherent durability make natural stone a sought-after choice among architects, designers, and homeowners alike. Aussietecture stone has been used throughout various projects around the country from small residential to larger commercial projects. 

Here are some ideas on how to embellish any building or renovation project with natural stone: 

Crazy paving will spruce up any driveway, pathway or outdoor area. With its randomly shaped pieces, these natural stones allow a myriad of design possibilities. Because not one piece is the same, any look from sharp and defined to smooth and soft is possible.  

And the experts know how to do it: crazy stone paving is all about getting the grout gaps correct. This laying pattern takes skill as one cannot run straight string lines to assist with levels, and it involves a lot of stone cutting. Larger grout gaps will increase the dominance of the grout in the finished job and tighter grout gaps will let the stone take prominence.  

Cobblestone pavers with their excellent slip rating lend themselves to many aspects of landscape architecture applications including driveways, paving and path edging.  

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  • Cladding  

Natural stone wall cladding is suitable for internal or external applications such as feature walls, fireplaces and landscaping. Aussietecture supplies the entire walling range in individual pieces with sawn backs to allow an easy installation. This will achieve the best look, replicating just how the stone would have been laid in the early days.  

Aussietecture’s unique range of natural stone wall cladding, including sandstone, limestone, bluestone and granite among others, is available in three varieties: 

  • Colonial – Random squares and rectangles  
  • Irregular – Random irregular shapes 
  • Lineal – All pieces have the same course heights to achieve horizontal lines 

Natural and organic shapes make the Irregular wall cladding range so attractive. Because each piece has a unique shape and beautiful colour variations, these stones lend themselves to stunning patterns and creative applications appreciated by architects, developers and designers. Whether for new builds, renovations or a DIY project, irregular stone wall cladding provides multiple stone profiles to fit any requirements.  

The Colonial wall cladding is designed to replicate the traditional stone block walls. All the pieces are split into squares and rectangles, which makes installation easier and creates a more cohesive geometrical look.  

The Lineal stone cladding appears sophisticated and elegant and creates a more traditional or antique look.  

  • Interior and exterior featured stone walls 

Instead of a feature colour or wallpaper, why not add a moody stone wall to your home? Natural stone makes a textural statement and creates a warm atmosphere in any space.  

  • Swimming pools 

From swimming pool flooring to glass mosaic tiles and feature wall cladding, Aussietecture offers stunning design options to create beautiful and functional pools and outdoor spaces.  

  • Landscaping  

Whether it’s capping, paving or garden edging, the use of natural stones in landscaping will elevate any design project to another level. With Australian Sandstone available in various colours and sizes, it is ideal and practical for landscaping applications. 

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