Man made or Natural Stone? It’s like chalk and cheese!

We all spend endless amount of hours brain storming and comparing ideas when it comes to sourcing the right material for our projects. Not only do we consider aesthetics but we consider texture, moods, tones and practicality.

Our homes are our sanctuary. A place we use to escape the busy every day lifestyles we all have and a place we wish to share with our loved ones. We fill it with things we love to be around. Products and finishes we know will make us feel at ease. It’s a proven fact that surrounding ourselves with natural elements such as stone, water and plants all assist in creating this ambience.

I know I am biased as I live and breathe stone and have so since a little fella. I love how each piece of stone is unique in its own way. Not one piece is the same in texture or appearance. I love how it patinas and ages differently. There is nothing like the feel of natural stone and knowing that it is just as mother nature wanted it to be.

This is where Aussietecture comes along. All we do is cut it and shape it to make it in to a building products. There’s a bit more to do that story such as ensuring its practicality, but more on that in another blog some other time. 

Man made cladding has come a long way but at the end of the day, it is just that. Man made and not natural. It’s cold and lifeless. Some claim to use crushed natural stone mixed with bonding agents ect but to me that still means its not real. It’s a bit like making tiles look like wood. Just don’t feel or look right! 


Natural stone does need tlc but nothing to be concerned about. A quick seal with Aquamix Sealers Choice Gold ensures the stone maintains its pristine appearance for years to come

To give stone the best possible means of protection. It is always recommended to seal the stone. There are a lot of sealers on the market but we have always stood by the Aquamix range and found it to be the most effective. Contaminants such as acid rain, bird droppings, insects and pollution are just some to name a few which can have an affect on stone so it is always good practice to seal the stone upon completion. 

Natural stone has individuality and no repeat patterns throughout. Nothing worse than seeing the same pattern used over and over again just to remind you of the fact that it is man made 

Natural Stone is full of character and warmth. Nice to touch and feel. Has excellent thermal and acoustic properties

Natural Stone walls will always be considered as high end resulting in value adding.


Natural Stone can be a bit more expensive 

Man Made has repeat patterns and not as nice to touch and feel as natural stone

You will always walk past a man made stone wall holding on to that stigma of it not being the real thing

In summary, we believe that there is no compromise when seeking to build a “natural stone” wall. Buy natural loose pieces sourced direct from quarries made by mother nature herself. Get your hands on a good installer and let them do their craft. Once its all done, sit back and enjoy your natural stone wall for years and years to come.

Choices Made Easy – Aussietecture

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