Biophilic Design – It’s all about Connecting Nature with Modern Design

We crave connection to the natural world, even if we, individually, have always been seemingly divided from it. Today, more and more architects and designers have control over the built environment and are connecting us rather than disconnecting us from nature. We can change our proximity to nature by shifting our physical relationship to the environment. Architects are inventively finding ways to reconnect us with the touch and feel of our wider biological community.

Banded irregular Australian sandstone cladding


Imagine buildings that speed recovery times, improve learning and help you enjoy your job. Bringing nature into design and architecture can achieve all of this. Be it through exposure of natural day light, seeing trees sway in the breeze through an opening, the tones and textures of earthy natural stone walls or even the peaceful sound of running water. Studies show connecting nature and the outdoors has a positive benefit for our physical and mental wellbeing. 

Nature-based design isn’t just beneficial for the people who use those buildings. Biodiversity is decreasing at an unprecedented rate, with urban sprawl, infrastructure projects and land use changes among some of the major causes. Considering the environment and incorporating nature in designs for buildings, cities and all the spaces where we live our lives is vital to tackling the environmental challenges society is facing.

Biophilic Design is more than introducing plants. Sure, bringing plants and greenery into your space is awesome. But there are so many other ways to introduce this concept into design in both creative and subtle ways. Introducing natural materials like wood and stone are good examples and yes, we are biased and would say stone but for the purpose of writing this blog will play devil’s advocate and say they are all equally important! Some of the best designs I’ve ever come across usually employs at least a couple of tactics of biophilic design. Whether it’s a stunning living wall full of ivy and moss or a magnificent natural stone wall with a running water feature sound which immediately fills the room with calmness. 

However you look at it, Biophilic Design has definitely been picking up steam in both residential and commercial designs the last several years. We have over 100 different natural stone products in our range. Visit our site or call one of our team for some advice on which product to incorporate into your next project. 

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Natural Stone Products for Biophilic Design

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