Swimming Pool Coping

Pool Coping Explained

Getting the most from your inground pool takes time, care and careful planning during the design stage. Not only do you need to consider the aesthetics but also the practicality and durability of the materials used. When it comes to pool coping, think of it as the finishing touch that not only acts as a border but also as a functional barrier of water trying to creep in behind your pool walls. In the world of architecture, coping refers to the protective cap or lip at the top of a wall that gives a finished look and also protects the wall from the elements. Well the same applies to pool designs.

When an inground pool is built, the upper surface of the pool wall, known as the bond beam, will likely have exposed steel which probably wont win any safety or design awards unless you’re going for the Thunderdome chic look! You install the coping over this wall in order to direct water away from your pool. It will also make it safer for swimmers entering and leaving the pool.

Why Your Pool Needs Coping
  • Prevents water from penetrating the area behind pool shell and potentially causing damage
  • Keeps grass, leaves ect out of pool
  • Beautifully frames your pool and can hide unattractive mechanical components such as pool covers
  • Provides swimmers a safe and sturdy way to enter and leave the pool reducing the risk of slipping
Choosing the Right Material for Pool Coping

There are many choices when it comes to pool coping but before you choose remember to keep a few key points in mind

  • Durability : All stones react differently with different elements. For example Sandstone and salt water. Is it able to withstand the weather extremes?
  • Safety : Is it slip resistant? Is it sturdy? Is the edge safe for swimmers? Does the material absorb a lot of heat in the sun?
  • Style : How will it work with the deck, the house or the inside colour of the pool? Is it to glary?

Note : No matter which material you choose, we always recommend the stone to be sealed and we recommend the Aquamix range of sealers and pre sealers.

A pool without coping is like a plane without a roof. It looks a little unsettling and you’re not keen to hop in. Take the time to familiarize yourself with all the pool coping options we have and choose one that best fits your needs while giving your pool a bit of pizzazz. In no time flat, you’ll have a beautiful, functional piece of resistance for your personal backyard paradise. Enjoy safe, comfortable swimming for years to come.

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