Make the most out of your outdoor Living Areas, Go Vertical

Water Features, Fire Pits, Seating Walls and More for Outdoor Living Areas

One of the biggest home improvement trends in recent years is the seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living areas. As homeowners have begun to focus on creating the ideal outdoor living space, the design of al fresco areas and walkways have become more sophisticated.

One great way to enhance your landscape design, both functionally and visually, is to go vertical! Including vertical elements is a great way to create stunning visual focal points that are not only beautiful but can add value to your home. Vertical elements can help to define spaces, and the right combination of vertical elements in your landscape design can help create a seamless indoor / outdoor environment, turning your outdoor areas into the perfect space for entertaining family and friends.

 Let’s look at some elements you can add to your outdoor living landscape design that will help define your space
A stone fireplace and walls using Tilpa wall claddings and some furniture Exterior barbeque place
Irregular Ranch walling Stone, Capping sandstone and Travertine paver in an landscaping project

Adding a fire feature to your landscape adds real value and visual excitement to your outdoor living space. Pairing one with hardscape seating will help to create a defined area that is beautiful, functional, and comfortable. Always a popular gathering point when having guests.

Gathering around the fire is the perfect way to enjoy time with your family and friends. The best part is that a fire pit or outdoor fireplace can be incorporated into any outdoor space.


A water feature can really bring your outdoor living space to life! In fact, adding a water feature like a fountain, waterfall, or small pond has grown in popularity in the past few years. A water feature brings movement and beauty to your outdoor space.

For many homeowners, one of the primary drivers for creating a backyard retreat is to have a space to relax and recharge. The pleasant sounds and calming visuals a water feature provides is the perfect way to create a tranquil ambiance in your outdoor living space.


We all know that sometimes there are no options but to build an ugly block or concrete retaining wall but why leave it that way when you can clad it with any of our range of wall claddings. Select a colour, then select from Irregular, Lineal or Colonial walling. Easy and effective!

A stone clad retaining wall will instantly transform a cold concrete look wall to a focal point in your space. Choose a stone which compliments its surroundings and surrounding floor palette.

Landscaping stone colonial wall cladding
Colonial Range

Our Colonial wall cladding is designed to replicate the traditional stone block walls or what some refer to as ballast blocks. All the pieces are split in square and rectangles which makes for easy installation, potentially resulting in cheaper installation costs.

Irregular Range

Our Irregular wall cladding range comes in individual pieces of stone which are used widely by leading architects, developers and designers. Whether you are building, remodeling or designing your very own dream DIY project, our irregular stone wall cladding has the perfect stone profile to fit your needs.

Landscaping stone - Eyre irregular walling
Rockface sandstone wall cladding
Linear Range

Natural stone makes homes more sophisticated and elegant. People perceive it to be high quality and to have high value, because this perception is true, the more genuinely homeowners build, the more unique their home will be. Not only will the resale value be higher, but their home will be as genuine as they are.


Part of creating the perfect design is adding accents and elements to enhance the visual appeal of your space. No matter how beautiful your design and the materials you choose, your outdoor living space can look dull without pops of colour, texture dimensional and architectural elements.

Adding built-in planters and columns made with our split blocks provide a permanent area for adding colour, dimension and texture to your spaces. Coordinating with your pavers and landscape walls can tie your overall design together.

Planters, garden edging and columns along the driveway or sidewalk in front of your home can add curb appeal and make a statement as visitors pull up to your home. When placed near doorways, planters and columns create a welcoming effect and can add architectural interest to your home.

Planters are also the perfect accent for dressing up retaining walls. Add dimension and interest to larger retaining walls with planters along the base of the wall. In fact, planters can add dimension and a pop of colour and foliage to soften the look of larger structures like fireplaces, fire pits, water features or your patio.

Want to up the culinary wow factor for your outdoor kitchen? Why not add a planter garden. It’s not only a great way to add visual interest to your patio; it’s the perfect space to grow fresh herbs for your favourite family chef!

Your outdoor living space is an important element of your home. Adding visual interest and enhancing your design by going vertical is a great option. If you’re interested in learning more about our range, visit us in any of our stores OR drop us a line or email.