Behind The Walls

Behind every good wall is a lot of research. Clients ask about texture, colour, size of stones, durability, where we source our stone and cost. Below are a few of our clients and how Aussietecture met their challenges.

Reasons These Stones Were Chosen

The sandstone chosen for this Canberra property is Aussietecture Banded Colonial sandstone. The practicality of the stone for installation, weather and insulation were important considerations for the owners. The natural beauty of Australian sandstone effortlessly softens the sharp edges of this contemporary build. The colours of the stone compliment the painted surfaces and provide depth and contrast. The practical and beautiful qualities are clearly on show here.

The stone choice for this park retaining wall is Aussietecture Eyre Irregular stone. The brief was to have cascading steel coloured stone meet the concrete paths and frame the landscape. The walls and steps needed to have a historic impact as if they had been there for decades. The colour and texture required was to be subdued but dramatic. Large stones were chosen to increase the impact of these impressive walls and steps.

Aussietecture stone walling Eyre irregular stone

Contrast and light were the requirements of this Warrawee property using Aussitecture Irregular Foster cladding stone. The cool aesthetic was the prime focus for this client wanting to create a beautiful backdrop for lush gardens. This Australian stone is easy to lay, repels heat and respects the environment whether its contrasting or complimenting the landscape.

Complimenting the paving was the prerequisite for this property at Maianbar NSW. Aussietecture Atherton Irregular stone was used on the walls and Kimba crazy paving for the flooring. The aqua tones in the floor are extended to the walls creating a cool water like quality the client wanted. As the stone ages the colours will be richer and deeper subtly bordering the raised garden beds.

Kimba Crazy paving project job by metropolitanlandscapes in Maianbar NSW

The owners of these stunning homes in Queensland wanted to add dimension and contrast. The stone is Aussietecture stone walling Banded Irregular, and just like the building has divergent qualities. The stone combines warm sandstone and cool slate tones and looks as beautiful inside as it does outside. As the stone is for both indoors and outdoors the practicality of installation, insulation and colour consistency were essential.

Come in, or go online and let us help you choose the right stone for your property.

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Aussietecture Stone Walling

Ranch colonial Australian sandstone cladding
Beltana irregular limestone cladding
Burnie Irregular Aussietecture stone walling
Aussietecture stone walling Ranch irregular sandstone