Stone Paving Can Add Value When Selling  

Pavers are versatile and functional. Pavers underpin both literally and figuratively outdoor spaces. Pavers easily transform just about any corner of your yard and can completely transform drab curb appeal. Choosing a paver that invites imagination for the buyer is what adding value means. 

Pavers are concurrently subtle and dramatic. Buyers will say they loved the path to the home or the rustic features were beautiful -what they are really talking about is the pavers.  

The pavers themselves are not what add value it’s what they create. Mark Smith a real estate agent in Sydney states buyers overwhelmingly love created spaces. Places where buyers can envisage their furniture, where they can work and where they will entertain.  

Sydney is a competitive market, so buyers need to be inspired by what they see. Competing means creating an essential criteria and usable space is always essential. 

Pavers can create an upscale ambiance without huge outlay creating that coveted transterior space.  

What do buyers’ value? 

Apart from the usual factors of price, resale value and location emotion and aesthetic are critical too. According to Core logic emotion, perceived value, first and last impressions, a house that tells a story and lifestyle all impact decision making. So what areas to focus on? 


Upgraded hardscape and complimentary landscape design influence buyers. Unless you have a matching market avoid elaborate backyard patios. Skip expensive flagstone, custom fire pits, commercial sliding glass doors, built in outdoor seating, extravagant outdoor kitchens and state of the art outdoor lighting. 

Creating space that they can modify to their tastes and that are immediately functional is key. Buyers that are spending every dollar buying a property appreciate creature comfort they don’t have to spend extra for.  

Curb appeal 

The first and last impression of curb appeal cannot be over-estimated. “Curb appeal can make or break a sale,” says Mark. “It’s the first impression for a buyer.” But it’s not just cutting the bushes and mowing the grass (though those make a big difference). Simple walkways add character and functionality.  

Adding a walkway with a couple planters and handful of shrubs recoups more than 80% of the cost of the job. The vast majority of agents we deal with state that completing a landscape update before listing a property helped them seal the deal.  

Pavers are a practical and cost-effective option. Depending on the choice you can create a whimsical path for a quaint cottage or a dramatic entrance for a more modern abode.  

Transterior living 

Main living areas that extend to alfresco entertaining or bedrooms that flow to terraces create an ambiance that is subliminal. Transterior living is part of Australian culture and pavers definitely are a big part of the picture.   

Considerations for a great patio is to allow adequate outdoor living with enough space for a table that guests can gather around. Perhaps adding lounge chairs or if your space is limited hanging chairs or swings. Careful planning that compliments the paving inspires buyers.  

Pavers are the silent hero that compliment a space without taking all the credit. 


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