Aussie Gold Sandstone Split Face Blocks – Wombeyan Caves Rd Mittagong

Perched high up on a hill with the backdrop of green hills, where nature reigns and the animals roam freely. You could spend hours lounging outside and admiring the exceptional views the Southern Highlands NSW have to offer. A dream home tastefully designed to enrapture the landscape from behind the thick stone walls using our beautiful Aussie Gold Sandstone split blocks.

The warm and earthy hues of the sandstone tastefully compliment then black metal cladding while giving this abode excellent thermal and acoustic properties. Perched elegantly upon a hill, the homeowners will be warm in the cold winters and cool below the summer sun.

The use of concrete, black panels and gorgeous stone tiles throughout ooze tranquility, luxury and simplicity.

Proud to be part of this project and it was a pleasure to work with lovely homeowners and help them turn their vision of their dream home in to reality.

Photos by @Flite Aerial Solutions

Stone supplied by Aussietecture

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