10 Reason Why to use Natural Stone

The 10 Properties That Make Natural Stone So Appealing

Natural stone as a building material goes back as far as the history of humans. Stone was available to almost anyone in some form or other, obtained more randomly hundreds or even thousands of years ago. Today, it is sold in a broad range of patterns, shapes, and sizes for numerous uses. The properties that make natural stone so popular throughout history make it even more appealing today.

1. Beauty

Types of natural stone vary in colour, texture, and design. Each type of stone has a unique beauty that appeals to different people.

2. Durability

No one builds a wall, installs a floor, or adds a kitchen counter with the hope that it will fall apart in a year or two. Stone is a durable material that withstands a lot of abuse without showing it. In other words, stone is a building material that you can live with!

3. Versatility

Stone comes from outdoors, in nature. It’s processed in ways that make it just as appropriate for indoors as outdoors. The various sizes and shapes make stone versatile enough to use on an entire house or to use one stone alone. The broad range of stone makes it the perfect companion to all types of architecture or indoor decor. It works in the most rustic settings, and in those that are purely elegant!

4. Sustainable

There’s no better building material to use in a green project than stone. It comes from the earth, and it is quarried and manufactured sustainably.

5. Recyclable

Too often, materials discarded during home renovations end up in the landfill. Even those that are recyclable don’t always make it to the recycling plant. With stone, that’s never a problem. It can be recycled, broken down for other use, or simply thrown out to take its place back in the earth.

6. Easy Maintenance

Cleaning natural stone is as simple as an occasional washing with a mild cleaner. Some more porous types of stone might need a sealant applied to prevent absorption of water and other liquids.

7. Stone Options

Stone doesn’t just come in a range of colours and sizes. It also comes in a variety of ‘cuts’ that let you put your artistry to work. Make your wall or floor as smooth and even as you want, or create a unique pattern that appeals to you.

8. Strength

Stone’s strength makes it a favourite material for areas like floors, walls, swimming pool decks, and even benches. It has the ability to carry a lot of weight without damage.

9. Works with Water

Floor and wall options in the toilet and kitchen are limited. Tile is often the first choice because moisture isn’t friendly to carpeting or wood. Stone has the natural moisture-resistance to withstand whatever your family throws at it! Aquamix Sealers are highly recommended to maintain your stone.

10. Fire Resistant

Stone is a natural fire resistant material. The more stone you have in your house, the less likely it is to catch fire due to a spark or a small kitchen fire.

Many people choose stone because it appeals to them aesthetically. As you can see, there are many reasons to make stone a part of your living space. Contact Aussietecture for your stone needs for delivery across Australia.

Natural stone for walling, flooring and landscaping

Natural stone wall cladding with a nice plant decoration
exterior Marble flooring tiles and pavers with some furniture
Landscaping picture of Sandstone Garden edging with some cobbles and plants