Sandstone Crazy Paving

Aussietecture sandstone crazy paving

Sizes & details

  • Stone type – Australian Sandstone
  • 30mm thick / 50mm thick
  • Finish – Sawn
  • Shape – Random Irregular


  • 30mm – 72kg/m2
  • 50mm – 120kg/m2

Packed to order

  • Sold per m2
  • No minimum order

Crazy Pavers

This is a style used for random shaped pieces of stone. Some stone might be more angular in shape giving a sharper, more defined look, and some stone may be more rounded in shape giving a softer feel. Crazy stone paving is all about getting the grout gaps correct. Larger grout gaps will increase the dominance of the grout in the finished job and tighter grout gaps will let the stone take prominence. An ideal grout gap is around 10mm. This laying pattern takes skill as you cannot run straight string lines to assist with levels, and it involves a lot of stone cutting. Owing to this, laying costs tend to be down the higher end but certainly worth it!

Remember that paving needs to be more than just something that is walked on. From a design point of view, it is a way of interacting with people, a way to encourage movement through a garden, and a way to evoke emotional responses to a garden. 

How we can help?

  • Visit one of our showrooms to view and select a product
  • Ask for a recommended installer in your area to quote the installation if required
  • Sit back and wait for the work to be done
  • As we say “Choices made Easy”

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