Stone Flooring


 Throughout history, natural stone has been the premier building material all over the world. Its timeless elegance and lasting durability made it ideal in countless applications for European, Egyptian and Asian royalty.  Building with stone genuinely means using pure stone in all your applications and never settling for less than authenticity. 


Tumbled Paver - Appin

Tumbled Paver - Augusta

Tumbled Paver - Bindoon

Tumbled Paver-Bluestone

Tumbled Paver - Cattai

Tumbled Paver - Derby

Tumbled Paver - Emerald

Urban- Banded Sandstone

Urban - Black

Urban - Grey

Urban - Jura Beige

Urban - Jura Grey

Urban - Pietra Grey

Urban - Travertine Ivory

Cemento - Dark

Cemento - Light

Cemento - Medium

Bronte - Sabbia

Bronte - Cobblestone White

Bronte - Cobblestone Grey

Sandstone Random Square Paving

Bronte - Pebble Grey

Corowa - Dark

Corowa - Grey

Corowa - Light

Corowa - Silver