Pool Entertaining Area

There’s something special about using natural stone in and around your swimming pool. It gives it a natural look as though it were a part of the landscape, instead of something that was built by human hands. Nothing adds more to that feeling than the use of natural stone. But making your swimming pool look good isn’t enough. It’s easy to lose interest in a backyard pool after it’s become another part of the landscape. Here are some suggestions that can make your swimming pool a place as relaxing as it is entertaining.

1. Design

Choose a theme and stick with it. Designing the pool is the fun part but there are things you need to take in to account such as the environment, house design/theme, sunlight and surrounding landscape. For example, black or dark tiles in direct sunlight get extremely hot underfoot and are almost impossible to walk on barefoot. Light tiles or pavers in direct sunlight can get vary glary. If your pool area is under trees then you may need to consider a colour/stone which is less prone to get stained. Lastly, a curved pool will cost you more for stone or tiles over a straight pool.

limestone tiles and pavers seen in swimming pool flooring and edging design
swimming pool tiles, swimming pool pavers, in a residential house with some yard wares

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2. Stone Wall

The addition of a nice feature wall either in the foreground, a water feature on even the focal point is definitely a good idea. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, it will needs to be functional. For example, used as a scream for privacy or used as a water feature. The stone selection needs to compliment its surroundings as well as be practical. Not all stones are suitable around salt water for example.

natural stone featured wall seen as swimming pool private wall with limestone tiles in flooring

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3. Furnishings

Every pool and entertaining area needs comfy seating, a place to congregate with friends and family to eat and drink. I’m sure you will find very inspirational pieces in our Alexandria store in the Yardware range. Select from the large range of chairs, outdoor loungers, outdoor settings, urns, pots and feature pieces. We have sourced the world looking for products to make your outdoor living experience all that very more special. http://www.yardware.com.au

Grey limestone pavers used as swimming pool edging

4. Soft Landscaping

Plants are essential to your swimming pool landscape. Consider adding some plants in vases. You can even add a vertical garden that lets you add a variety of plant types and colours.

Yard ware for house interior and exterior design
Stone ware for house interior and exterior design
Table set in an outdoor dining place with stone floors
Landscape design with plants, stone ware and stone garden edging

At Yardware we have a large selection of outdoor products to suit your swimming pool area.

5. Add Fountains and Waterfalls

Nothing adds instant beauty and a feeling of tranquillity like the sight and sound of flowing water. Water that flows from a rock fountain or waterfall will make you feel like you are in the rainforest.

6. Make a Rock Garden

Include a variety of small, smooth stones that make it a superb place to meditate. Add a large outdoor cushion or two for relaxation outside of the pool! Choices are ideas are endless. Talk to us about your vision or pick our brain for ideas.

7. Expand on Your Living Space

An outdoor kitchen area, a natural stone fireplace, or a stone wall are just some of the ways you can make your pool area a more enjoyable place to spend time.

The features that make your backyard pool an oasis depend on how you enjoy spending your time outdoors. The versatility of natural stone as a building material and a decorating tool makes it the perfect natural addition to your exterior. There are so many ways to make outside living and entertaining be just as practical and enjoyable as the interior of your house.