Batmania Australian Bluestone Wall Cladding

Sizes & details

  • Stone type – Australian Bluestone
  • Finish – Natural Split
  • Approximately 14 pieces per square metre – Max size – 400x250mm


  • Walling – 80 kg/m2

Packing format per crate 

  • Walling – Sold per m2

Batmania was the original name of Melbourne before it was changed to Melbourne in 1937. This stone is only found in Melbourne so this is our way to pay homage to the product.

  • Batmania 20mm Organic Cobbles
  • Batmania 30mm Organic Cobbles
  • Batmania 30mm Organic Split Cladding

When we think of bluestone cobblestones we automatically think of the famous cobbles laneways intersecting the urban grid of Melbourne. It was cheap and plentiful and Bluestone was the obvious choice for construction when Melbourne was a booming gold-rush city in the 1850’s. There was convict labour to quarry, cut and haul the stone and we saw more and more buildings and streets use bluestone throughout the city.

Now, these stones are prized again for its heritage value. Heritage is a movable category, susceptible to changes in both fashion and feeling about the past. There is something compelling about the way stone help us think about time, history and change.

Our new Batmania range is unique. We have managed to source and bring back to life old bluestone pitchers and offer them as cobblestones and wall claddings. This is our way of offering a little bit of history to your next project. Timeless, sustainable and functionality at its best.


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