Sandstone logs

Sandstone logs

Sizes & details                 

  • 500mm high 500mm wide and 1m long     
  • Stone type – Australian Sandstone
  • Grade – A
  • Finish – Split natural face and back, sawn top, bottom and sides
  • Brief description – Our Sandstone logs are great for retaining walls or you can use them as sitting area around your outdoor fire, they are cream in color.

Weight Each

Around 600 kg 

Packed to order

  • Sold per piece
  • No minimum order

Aussietecture sandstone logs are cut at the quarry using state of the art machinery ensuring that the course heights supplied are as close to 500mm high as possible. Our excavators are attached with our quad saws which have 4 blades spaced 500mm apart ensuring the tolerances are kept to a minimum. Having blocks all the same heights ensures even course heights which as a result ensures stability and structural integrity of the wall. Uneven block heights basically means that blocks will need to balance on one another. Apart from look unattractive, the wall is less stable and may fail to retain what ever is behind it.

Our sandstone used for our sandstone logs is best described as a light coloured sandstone which oxidises over time and eventually turns in to a nice golden colour. The neutral tones assists the wall in being the ideal backdrop for your landscaped area rather than being overpowering with strong colours.

Sandstone logs may be used as a retaining wall, seating, bollards, fencing or feature pieces.

As we say, build it solid – build it once!

Talk to us about our referred installers who are only more than happy to assist with all the ground work and sandstone log installation. Our teams are all experienced with our stone and experienced in wall building giving you that piece of mind. Better still, they can facilitate the whole process for you including the ordering of the stone, the logistics and the wall build. “Choices Made Easy”.

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