Ranch Capping Stone

Burraneer Bay project using rock face cladding and capping


Capping Stone – Ranch Sandstone Caps

Sizes & details

  • Random lengths x 50mm thick x 150mm width
  • Random lengths x 50mm thick x 200mm width
  • Random lengths x 50mm thick x 250mm width
  • Random lengths x 50mm thick x 300mm width
  • Random lengths x 50mm thick x 350mm width
  • Random lengths x 50mm thick x 400mm width
  • Length up to 800mm
  • Stone type – Australian Sandstone
  • Finish – Split front and back, sawn top, bottom and sides

Weight Approx.

  • Up to 48 kg/lm

Packed to order

  • Sold per each
  • No minimum order


For too long now, we have been relying on products being quarried and processed overseas when we are literally walking on some of the planets best natural resources right here every day! Now, more than ever, it is important to try to support our local businesses. The launch of our AUSSIE MADE SERIES does just that. Our procurement team travels around our beautiful country sourcing only the very best materials which are to be used for building materials, mainly wall claddings. We carefully source only the very best stones with picture perfect faces which then go through our state of the art fabrication facility up in the hill tops of Toowoomba QLD.

Who benefits from each square metre of AUSSIE MADE SERIES wall cladding?

  • Local Quarries and their staff
  • Local quarries suppliers
  • Local transport companies – Truckies
  • Local job force – store men, stonemasons, forklift operators, fuel providers, mechanics, waste disposals, water, power, ect ect ect
  • Local Admin Staff
  • Local Sales Staff
  • Australia

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