Build a Wall 

Retaining walls 

There are a variety of different retaining walls. Natural stone is arguably the most attractive option, blending seamlessly with the landscape. There is a wide choice of stone types, enabling you to select a material that best suits your architecture and outdoor space. You can build a retaining wall using our split sandstone blocks; you can also choose natural split stone cladding to attached to an existing wall to give the wall more characteristics, natural stone can be clad on various walls such as brick or concrete.  

Feature walls 

Natural stone feature walls can be either subtle or crude depending on what you want to achieve. Luxurious furnishings to imbue charm or minimalist décor to accentuate the stone, pretty much every style works with stone. Bringing authenticity and charm of to any space natural stone that is available locally is often the best option. More affordable, easy to acquire, and environmentally sustainable stone gives your feature a truly unique, indigenous look.  

Fireplace walls 

Natural stone claddings are an excellent choice for fireplaces because they are cost effective and incredibly easy to install. Corners are one of the single most important details to choosing any stacked stone claddings for a fireplace. After carefully manufacturing and testing Aussitecture determined for a thin natural stone cladding to “turn a corner” properly – it had to have seamless interlocking. Our stone is easy to install and we are a phone call away should you need support. 

Curved walls 

To curve a wall outwards or inwards is a preference that shouldn’t be complicated. Aussitecture stone cladding gives you the flexibility to choose either option. The natural texture of the three-dimensional stone defines the curvature of a wall to further extenuate an already impressive design element. Curved walls covered with natural cladding stone can be free standing or part of an existing structure and are a more affordable architectural feature using cladding. 

Waterfall walls 

There are lots of considerations that factor in to making sure the right stone is selected. The most important suitability factors to consider when selecting stone for a waterfall wall are whether it is interior or exterior and water resistance.

Natural stone products can be used on interior applications and certain natural stones – like sandstone – are outstanding in exterior applications. Dense stone with a low absorption coefficient are best for the water resistance required.  

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