Sandstone Rockface Cladding

Sandstone Rockface Cladding is a made from locally sandstone quarries which we process ourselves in our Aussietecture factory. We are fortunate enough on the east coast of Australia, to be sitting on about 6km of beautiful Australian sandstone right underneath our feet.
Sandstone rockface claddings were traditionally used as house foundations and as a building material throughout many famous buildings in our major cities like Brisbane and Sydney. We have designed our Sandstone Rockface Cladding as a veneer and are available in various thicknesses and colours. Once installed correctly these veneers will resemble the blocks traditionally used but at a fraction of the cost to buy and to install.

We also bring in an imported sandstone cladding as a cost saving option which is another beautiful natural sandstone.

Common Uses for our Sandstone Rockface Cladding include :
Feature Walls
House external Walls
Commercial applications
Boundary Walls
Landscaping Walls

Australian Sandstone Rockface Cladding - Banded Mix

Sandstone Rockface Banded
Beautiful Rockfaced Sandstone Cladding Banded made from our local Australian Sandstone Quarry.
This product highly sort after and traditionally used throughout many historic buildings throughout Australia.

Australian Sandstone Rockface Cladding - White

Sandstone Rockface White
Our White Australian Sandstone Rockface Cladding is absolutely stunning. May contain slight coloured bandings or iron but it is predominantly white in colour.

Australian Sandstone Rockface Cladding - Flinders

Sandstone Rockface Flinders
Australian Sandstone Rockface Cladding Flinders consists of beautiful shades of browns with a slight hint of meauve throughout. This combinations of earthy tones and colours creates and mangificant bankdrop for any wall and scene.

Australian Sandstone Rockface Cladding - Ranch

Sandstone Rockfaced Ranch
Ranch Sandstone Rockface Cladding truely is amazing with its goldens browns and iron bands with hints of meauves throughout. Australian Sandstone Rockface Ranchhas been used all throughout Brisbane CBD and is a very unique Australian Sandstone.

Import Sandstone Rockface Cladding

Sandstone Rockface Import
Sandstone Rockface Import is absolutely beautiful and is available in 500 x 250 x 25mm + 20mm rockface. Colour is banded which resembles our Australian Banded range very closely.
Very effective and very easy to install.