Mungo Stone Walling

Our Mungo is best described as a fine-grained grey, green, or bluish-purple metamorphic stone. It's warm blend of earth tones truly embrace the Australian landscape theme. Mungo stone is a locally sourced material from a family business in NSW. Aussietecture is fortunate enough to work closely with the quarry owners and help promote and produce their stone in to our marketplace. 
Mungo Book Leaf Walling

This walling product is very effective and easy to lay. Available in pieces approximately 280mm wide x random thicknesses and lengths. This is generally laid in a random pattern using random sized pieces. Random mix of colours

Mungo Random Walling

Naturally Split walling. This can be laid with mortar joints or dry joints. Thickness varies between 30-50mm thick with random shapes and colours.

Mungo Random Flagging

Beautiful naturally split flagging. The variation of colours in this stone is what makes it truly unique. Aviailable in 30-50mm and in random shapes and sizes.