Atherton has been used as a paving or walling surface as far back as the Roman era.  The Romans used it because it had a naturally flat, durable surface and the stone was easy to quarry.

Traditional Atherton is a variable thickness stone.  It’s a type of granite that has naturally extruded through the earth’s crust.  Unlike most granites, it fissured in layers due to seismic activity.  These fissures caused cooling in the formation, further causing larger crystals to form around smaller crystals, giving the stone its unique appearance and texture.

Atherton has a natural beauty that cannot be attained using man-made materials like concrete pavers or brick. Its natural texture provides the right amount of texture. Its hardness and durability provide lifetimes of use and ensure lower maintenance costs than other materials

Atherton Cobblestones

Cobblestones have been used as a paver option for hundreds of years throughout the streets of Europe and on many streets in Melbourne. The cobblestones are cut at 100 x 100 x 40-50mm with a naturally split face and split sides.

Atherton Crazy Paving

This product is quite popular and aesthetically appealing.
Each piece has a naturally split surface and available in random sizes. Sizes vary from 200 x 200mm to 400 x 200mm. Available in two thickness grades being 20-40mm and 50-70mm.
This product is generally laid with mortar joints.
Atherton Book Leaf Walling

Book Leaf walling product are very effective and
easy to lay. Each piece is approximately 270mm wide (bed width) x random lengths x random thickness.
This walling is laid by placing pieces on top on of another exposing only the edge of the stone.