Natural Stone Walling is a great way to replicate the old stone wall building methods typically adopted 100s of years ago all around the world. Places like Italy to Scotland to China to Egypt all used to build from solid stone. There were different techniques such as drystone (stone without grout) to bookleaf to grouted. All quite effective but labour intensive. Most importantly is that this was an art in itself and if the walls weren’t built correctly they would collapse.
Our wallings are all designed to replicate these old building techniques. The finished look would be close to identical to the solid walls once built.  
USES :  

-retaining walls
-feature walls
-flower boxes
-outdoor entertaining areas


Burke is an imported stone in shades of greys and browns. Processed with sawn backs and split face and sides.


Franklin walling is made from an imported granite. The colours are best described as been shades of browns and greys with light black specs throughout. This stone is sometimes referred to as Tiger Skin.


Eyre is a beautiful imported limestone which comes in random shapes and thicknesses.

Ranch Walling

Ranch Random Walling is made from our beautiful Ranch sandstone. It is supplied loose on pallets. Processed with sawn back and split face and sides. Shapes are all irregular varying in shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Ranch Sandstone is a combination of earthy colours like mauves, browns, yellows and whites.

Atherton Book Leaf Walling

Book Leaf walling product are very effective and easy to lay. Each piece is approximately 270mm wide (bed width) x random lengths x random thickness. This walling is laid by placing pieces on top on of another exposing only the edge of the stone.

Weipa Cladding

Weipa Cladding is a beautiful imported limestone laid in dry stack format. Supplied in boxed sets. Pieces range in size from 100 x 150 to 250 x 150 and are approximately 25mm thick

Kirra Ranch Mix

Kirra Ranch Mix is a beautifully Split faced sandstone cladding. Available in 200 course height x 30-40mm thick x random lengths

Kirra Flinders Mix

Kirra Flinders Mix is a split faced sandstone cladding. It has shades of browns and mauves throughout. Available in 200mm course height x 30-40mm thick x random lengths.

Kirra White Mix

Kirra White Mix is a naturally split sandstone cladding. It is predominantly white but may have slight traces of brown bands or iron throughout. Available in 30-40mm thick x 200mm course height x random lengths.

Kirra Banded Mix

Kirra Banded Mix is a naturally split faced cladding. Available in 30-40mm thick x 200mm course height x random lengths.

Colonial Banded Mix

Colonial Banded Mix is a combination of whites, browns and beiges with some slight banding throughout. Colours and Blends vary batch to batch which adds even more character to the final result.

Colonial White Mix

Colonial White Mix as made up of our white sandstone. There may be traces of light yellow or meauve banding throughout which cannot be avoided and is a natural characteristic of this particular stone.

Colonial Ranch Mix

Colonial Ranch Mix is a very unique product and new to our range. Ranch sandstone is extremely hard and containers browns, meauves, iron bands, iron swirls and whites throughout. Stunning stone and product which will definately add the "wow" factor to any project.

Colonial Flinders Mix

Colonial Flinders Mix is made up of our beautiful Flinders Sandstone which we quarry at our Murphys Creek Quarry. This blend is rapidly becoming our most popular  in the range due to its warm earth tones which are best described as browns and meauves.

Rockfaced Ranch

Ranch Rockfaced Cladding truely is amazing with its goldens browns and iron bands with hints of meauves throughout. Ranch sandstone has been used all throughout Brisbane CBD and is a very unique Australian Sandstone.

Rockfaced Flinders

Flinders Rockface consists of beautiful shades of browns with a slight hint of meauve throughout. This combinations of earthy tones and colours creates and mangificant bankdrop for any wall and scene.

Rockface Banded

Beautiful Banded Rockfaced Cladding made from Australian Sandstone. This product highly sort after and traditionally used throughout many historic buildings throughout Australia.